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Tips to De-Cluttering your Home

If you haven’t got round to it yet, it’s not too late to spring clean your home and de-clutter your living spaces.

Here are some top tips on creating more room:

1. Be ruthless

That jumper may have sentimental value, but if it looks like it belongs in the 80’s it’s definitely time to say goodbye. Why not donate it to your local charity shop so that it doesn’t feel entirely wasteful.

2. Minimalise your CD / DVD collection

With so many websites out there offering money for DVD’s and CD’s, now is definitely the right to time to perform an entertainment downsize and free up shelf space.

3. Buy drawer dividers

Low-cost and ideal for helping you keep your drawers organised, and not full of too much clutter.

4. Tidy up the toy room

toy box

For those of you with kids, you know how messy it can get. Scores of old and unwanted toys get tossed in the corner, never to be considered again. Until you want to throw it out that is, and then all of a sudden there is a massive uproar and protests are staged.

To avoid this, why not make a fun project with your kids of having them sort through their toys, choose the ones they play with least and arrange to send them to children what are in need. It’s a great way to teach them about giving, and saves you from any tantrums.

5. Spring clean your attic

You’ve ignored it all winter, but with a new spring comes a new opportunity to show your attic some love and clear out anything that appears to have gathered a considerable amount of dust over the last year.

6. Follow the 6-month rule

If you haven’t worn it, watched, read it or used it in the last six months, it’s time to say farewell!

7. Hang your pots and pans

Village cottage interior white and wood kitchen

Decorative yet functional, invest in a pot rack and some S-hooks and get your pans hung up on the wall, freeing you up more cupboard space.

8. Paper Purge

Follow the ‘two F’s’ test. If you can’t file it or frame it, you don’t need to keep it.

9. Clear out the fridge and cupboards

Unused, out-of-date and probably mouldy. Create more cupboard space by sifting through and throwing out forgotten about food.

10. Use storage

This one was obvious, but for those items you absolutely can’t say goodbye to, but have no room in your home for we recommend paying for storage. It’s a cost-effective way of holding on to your possessions, without cluttering up your home.

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