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Your Old Toys Could Be Worth a Small Fortune

Have you ever wondered what the items you have in storage could actually be worth these days compared to when you bought them?

We’ve scoured the web and chosen our top 5 toys that you’ll be glad you kept hold of all these years, and not just for the nostalgic value.

1. Beanie Babies

Launched in 1993, beanie babies are a line of stuffed animals created by Ty Inc. You might remember miniature versions being free in your McDonald’s Happy Meal at one point. Nowadays, some of the more limited edition bears are going for a hefty price on auction sites like eBay, as collectors from all over the world are still very much attached to these stuffed toys.

We found one bear with an eye-watering ‘Buy it Now’ price of £6,000 on eBay, that’s the price of a small car!


2. Pokemon Cards

The Pokemon hype has recently resurfaced after the launch of Pokemon Go in July, which lead to everyone digging out their old Pokemon cards to see how much they were worth. As it turns out, depending on the card type and how limited they are, they can fetch a few bob. A holo Charizard card was reaching £25+ on eBay, with bundles of first generation cards being advertised at £1,000+.

If you still have some cards lying around in storage, maybe it’s time you did some research to see if you’re unused stored items could add to your holiday fund.


3. Game Consoles

Remember the Sega Megadrive or the original Gameboy? How could you not, they were only two of the best games consoles to have existed. Well, they’re about to get even better, because if you still have any of them lying around in storage, they could fetch a few extra pennies if they’re in good working order. If they have some problems and are not in top condition, then you can also sell them for parts, because there are collectors out there that restore old consoles.

On eBay, they’re selling for between £40 & £100, so it’s not exactly a deposit on a house, but you can treat your better half to a slap up meal and a few rounds at the pub.


4. Furby

Remember that loveable bat like robotic toy that wouldn’t turn off? Yes, we remember them well too! They made a comeback in 2012 as Hasbro revived the popular kids toy and made us all feel a little nostalgic.

The newer Furby’s won’t fetch much we’re afraid, but if you happen to have an original Furby buried under some clothes sacks, you could be in luck. Original’s, especially if they’re boxed, are being advertised for anything from £100 to over £500 on eBay.


5. Barbie & Sindy Dolls

Barbie is still going strong today, as Mattel continue to release different types of Barbie dolls every year, but it’s the original, collectable and limited edition Barbie Dolls that can really make a dent in your holiday fund. Sadly Sindy died a death a long time ago, but she can still fetch a pretty penny as well.

If you have a box of old plastic dolls in storage, think twice before selling them at your local bootsale. 80’s Sindy dolls are being advertised at £250 on eBay, with limited edition Barbie’s ranging from £50 to £500, depending on year of manufacture and how collectable it is.


There you have it, 5 toys that are worth a lot more than what you paid for them, and you could have them lying around collecting dust in your storage unit. Do some online research to see if any of your old toys can buy you a week away in the sun.

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