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Students Use Bubble Wrap to De-Stress

It has been reported that university students in Dundee have arranged a ‘bubble-wrap party’ in order to de-stress in preparation for their upcoming exams.

Vice President of Student Welfare, Katie Jowett said

Students can get out their stress through the satisfying fun that is popping bubble wrap

Along with bubble-wrap, students will also be able to forget about their troubles using a bouncy castle that will be set-up on the university grounds and being lucky enough to spend lots of time with some adorable puppies. Maybe it’s time to go back to studying?

Not Just a Relaxation Technique

We don’t know about you, but here at Admiral HQ we are guilty at popping a bubble or two when things get a bit much.

We decided to look into what other activities bubble wrap could be used for, and came across this handy guide:


The Secret Yumiverse

For your own zen, or simply for the intended use of helping you to move home, why not contact us to find out more about the range of bubble wrap that we have available.

Image courtesy of Little Hearts Books

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