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Interesting and Unusual Things Found in Self-Storage Containers

As boring as you may think self-storage is, it’s not just tables, chairs and grandma’s old china that have been found in storage over the years.
Occasionally it’s even been grandma herself!

During 2012, in Florida, a customer of a self-storage company was way behind on payments, leaving the owner of the company no choice but to open up the unit to auction off its contents. The customer was incensed, stating the owner had no right, as her grandmother’s remains were housed within.

As most people would be, the owner was of course unconvinced by the customer’s claims and opened the container a few days later. To his shock and bewilderment there, packaged neatly away in a blue casket, was the cadaver of the customer’s grandmother.

The police were notified, but the death certificate was confirmed, meaning she didn’t have to be auctioned off.

Other interesting and unusual objects to be found in self-storage down the years include a live hand grenade, equipment left over from old space missions and even ‘K.I.T.T.’ the famous TV car, star of Knight Rider. Whilst we’ve never found anything quite as interesting at Admiral’s Yard, we think you’ll find it reassuring that you won’t be sharing your self-storage facility with any disarmed weaponry or dinosaur jawbones.

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